Ctrl the Robot

The Robot has the same DNA as an industrial robot arm, elegantly reduced down to desktop size. Just plug in a laptop and take control, straight out of the box. CTRL’s uses are as unlimited as your imagination.

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With CTRL the robot you create the future.

A modern industrial robot for the desktop
CTRL The Robot is for all people! It empowers the home and office by providing access to technology that has previously only been available to a limited few

It is a small robot with very big possibilities. Named ‘CTRL the Robot’, this robot arm looks every bit as impressive at the big industrial robots costing several hundred thousand dollars. However, this scaled-down version is designed to be affordable for homes, schools and small businesses.


Created by the in house team at Robotics Evolved, the dream has been to create a whole new category of desktop-sized robot arms.
CTRL the robot enables your computer to perform manipulation of real objects via software. It gives you access to technology that has been locked away in large corporations factories. 

Educate & Create New Jobs

Create new Industries and new career opportunities not yet realised.
Can be used in Multiple Engineering Disciplines - Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Science and Mechatronics.

Entertain & Telemetry

Your computer can do more than just present information or print a piece of paper.
Enable a computer to pick and place objects on your desk and also remotley.  You could use CTRL to play chess on a real chess board via the internet.

Lightweight Automation

Unlock Industry 4.0 
so small business can learn how to scale to large 24/7 operations.

Make manufacturing affordable in first world countries.

Timeline 2020

1. Overcome commercialisation barriers.

Optomise product for optimal performance and reduced cost.

2. Ongoing Prototype Development & Pre manufacturing

Finalise asthetics & durability via pre production engineering trials.

3. Manufacturing Ready

Complete manufacturing-ready package DFM, review manufacturing process, materials, and assembly. Compliance & Regulatory.

4. Execute manufacturing strategy and launch product

NRE setup and volume production. Plastic Tooling, BOM purchase, PCBA, Assembly and Packaging.

5. Marketing, Branding & Distribution and product enhancements

Order fulfilment and ongoing development and enhancements.

CTRL provides a true plug and play experience, it has no exposed wires or assembly requirements, works right out of the box. It is a printer like experience. Plug it in and run an application or code your own software. With code and CTRL you create the future.

It’s tricky to describe CTRL the robots unlimited applications, just like it was tricky to describe the iPhone in 2007 or how they struggled to describe the applications of a personal computer in the 80's  

You can use CTRL for anything from cooking to entering million dollar competitions or even enhance your career programming robots for Woodside.  There are unlimited possibilities that you can enjoy with your own personal robot.